Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Must Read-"All in the name of NYSC?"An angry letter from a concerned Nigerian

Hi, I'm an angry citizen who is scared for the youth of our country. This pic I sent u happened in Nasarawa state NYSC camp today Tuesday. They were punished for coming late. "Frog jump with your box on your head???"
What rubbish.!! Frog jump alone makes one dizzy, think about it with a heavy box on one's head after a long trek from the gate to the camp ground where this punishment took place.
Some of them must have traveled far to Nasarrawa under the scorching northern sun. This is just wrong and inhuman.

That soldier will not do that to his kids. I served with the last batch and I saw all manner of rubbish soldiers do to people cos they are soldiers Who gives a fuck if u ran up a hill and starved for 1 week. You choose to do it. Don't carry your frustration on peoples kids and because of this little power act like fools. We insult the people in power, let's start from d people in lower categories.
This is extremely wrong all in d name of NYSC. After one year of serving, you still go and look for a job. What is d freaking purpose of NYSC wen you're just gonna teach? How will Nigeria grow like this???

Signed..Angry citizen

Hmmn like seriously frog jump ? Please have any of you experienced something like this in camp ?If this is true,its so wrong....

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